Website Support & Maintenance Service

৳ 3,500


Custom Website Maintenance :



The following are the service agreement between Softnsolution. & Client.

  • Support & Maintenance will cover fixing all bugs and system errors.
  • Support & Maintenance will include updating of client’s website with content, image, video, adding similar new webpage in the same format and layout.
  • will not accept any design tweaking and semi-customization during the support and maintenance period. Any Customization and Design update will be subject of an additional charge.
  • will provide all necessary support to keep the web site running as it should be.
  • will update the Client’s website with current information whenever provided to us. The website updating will take minimum 1 working days depending on the number of updates.
  • Clients will not need to have an IT department to handle their website. Softnsolution. will provide the end-to-end solution.
  • Our office is closed on Friday and Saturday, and our weekly working hours are 10AM to 7PM.
  • Our Support & Maintenance Service will include the following:
  • We will monitor your site for up/down and performance issues during the support & maintenance period
  • We will keep your website up to date and secured during the support & maintenance period
  • We will provide on-call web support services during the support & maintenance period.


The following are the Terms & Conditions of the Proposed System.

  • The proposed project shall be 100% confidential & Unpublished by the Company (Softnsolution.).
  • The client shall be the sole proprietor of the website.
  • Re-distribution of the website shall be illegal for both parties unless a contractual agreement has been made. (Subject to contractual agreement)
  • The client will hold no rights to distribute the designs, code, database designs, HTML Components or other materials deemed necessary in the development of this website solution unless a contractual agreement has been made between both Parties.
  • We reserve the right to link back to our website, and reference to work undertaken on behalf of a client for marketing purposes.
  • Intellectual Property Rights will belong solely to Softnsolution.